Another 2 lbs off…

OK so this is respiratory loss while I slept, but it’s still the lowest I’ve been since my honeymoon: 13 st 12 lb. That’s an 11 lb loss in 5 days. I should however introduce here some caution into these fairly unbelievable figures: at least 7 lbs of this is likely to be water. My initial loss, of this amount, was while I wasn’t in ketosis, so there can literally be no other reason for it. I certainly didn’t burn 25,000 calories in a day. A bit of online research last night confirmed that, when coming out of ketosis, a water weight gain of about this amount is almost certain.

So, my real loss is about 4 lbs, which is still great for 5 days.

To celebrate being thinner I had streaky bacon, a fried egg and some aubergine (eggplant) cooked in the bacon fat. I love bacon. Total calories about 300 for the bacon, 100 for the egg and nothing really for the aubergine. Very nice but not really enough calories for breakfast. Will have to get some nuts.

I went to the gym and my strength seems to be holding up, the 2km jog there was OK too.

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