Bit o’ Bacon?

Just a short one as I’m meant to be working. When on choir camp, when much younger (I was very angelic) there was a woman in the canteen whose sole job was to shout, “Bit ‘o bacon?” to you when in line for breakfast. She never said anything else or talked with the other ladies, but seemed happy.

This morning, I missed her. Maybe it’s the fact that the last couple of days I’ve had three rashers at least. Or maybe my body just loves pig. But I’m smelling it everywhere, and being as calories are not necessarily that important on this diet I’ve been tempted to say the least.

Breakfast was scrambled egg on fried aubergine. I’m beginning to realise that the basic keto meal contains the fat carrier (in this case the egg) and what I am going to call the substrate (aubergine). It might be because I’m new to this diet, but I miss things to put other things on. For example, biscuits for cheese, or bread for my scrambled eggs. I’m going to come up with some things that mimic the effect. Might make life easier…

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  1. Ah yes, Bacon, who can ever resist it !
    Ok vegetarians aside, but then there seem to be plenty of facon products too….

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