Bulletproof coffee…

Last night was 28 day aged rib eye steak, cooked in lots of butter. Salad on the side and lots of mayonnaise. Also a few slices of aubergine fried with the steak.

I found that there was only one type of mayonnaise in Sainsburys which was free of carbs: the traditional French version. I have no idea how oil, eggs and vinegar comes to contain carbs, but all the other varieties do.

This morning, I tried bulletproof coffee. Check out this link for information on how it’s meant to be made (there are a lot of stipulations which apply in relation to the ingredients) but I used my normal coffee, 2 tbs coconut oil and 2 tbs butter. Blended it up and it looked pretty good, although tasted very bitter, so I added some stevia to it.

It’s meant to be a meal replacement, and make you feel full so that you can ‘fast’ between dinner and lunch the following day. I’m not so sure. I don’t feel full and think it will be a struggle to not eat anything until lunch.

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