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Spiralise this!

im not actually in ketosis now, owing to an impending marathon – I found that running more than 5 miles was exhausting so started taking in carbs again and I seem to have maintained...


Now that’s dinner

I’ve been on this diet for a while, still dropping weight and putting on muscle. Now 13 St 6 lb which I think is the best since university… However I am becoming increasingly lazy....


More keto kurry

I think I made a breakthrough today: I made the best curry I think I have ever tasted, let alone made. Big claim. But I also managed to keep it pure keto, through using...


Back on it, and cauliflower rice

After a couple of weeks I’ve returned to keto. A couple of things made me stop. The first was skiing – I went over to Morzine and the first day skiing I was incredibly...


Meat and One Veg

I’ve been deep in Ketosis for about five days now, and the weight keeps falling off. Now down to 13 st 9 lbs, which is a full stone off in 10 days. Why isn’t...


Another cheapo lunch idea

Two chicken drumsticks, skin on makes for an impressive 438 calories, mainly from fat. Courgette x 3 plus mayo pushes it to 600 or thereabouts. Much nicer than a sandwich!


Leek, the butter eater

I just had some sauté leek and 2 scrambled duck eggs for breakfast. Simply amazed by how much butter the leek gobbled up and still didn’t taste too greasy. Duck egg plus cream is...


Cheapo keto lunch

I’m fed up of most of the shops around here. They use any excuse to shove fast amounts of carb fillers into what would otherwise be healthy foods. So today I went to Marks...


Keto Moussaka

I looked for a few recipes for keto moussaka, but they all contained onions and / or tomatoes and some even a white sauce with flour in it. Wrong, people. So I came up...


Weekend luncheon

I abhor the sandwich shop chains on this diet. Whatever it is, they put something in the pot that includes carbs. A sprinkling of quinoa on your salmon sir? How about some flour in...