Cheapo keto lunch

I’m fed up of most of the shops around here. They use any excuse to shove fast amounts of carb fillers into what would otherwise be healthy foods. So today I went to Marks & Spencer and bought some mackerel and a couple of little gem lettuces. I then ate the lettuce like an apple, much to the hilarity of my colleagues. Looked like a caveman. The 138g of lovely mackerel serves up 542 calories, the lettuce practically nothing.

Breakfast this morning was streaky bacon on a substrate of grated courgette / egg. This time I squeezed some of the water out of the courgette, which meant it fried better. Then I served with a dollop of cream cheese. Altogether about 500 calories and kept me feeling full until about 12pm.

Yesterday was the same as the day before, so I didn’t bother posting.

I am finding now that my weight has hit a bit of a plateau: down only another lb over the last two days to 13 st 11 lb. I’m implementing a calorie deficit now, trying to keep to 1,500 calories while my BMR is about 2,200. This should result in an extra lb every 4 days or thereabouts. We will see…

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