Coffee and red wine…

Yup, apparently two things that are incompatible with a keto diet. I’m only 4 days in, but I can’t see how caffeine will make much of a difference, other than speeding up metabolism, which is a good thing. Actually it seems to work better than before in terms of increasing alertness. Red wine on the other hand is not so good, but not as bad as it might seem. I am basing my judgment on this: and also the MFP rating for wine. Taking the average, a glass of red has 4 g of carb in it.

So today lunch was ‘pigs in blankets’ and some bacon from the local butcher (which cooks half its stock at lunch time) and a egg / spinach combo from Pret a Manger. I’d been to the gym before work so was ravenous. This mixture actually kept me going for a very long time.

Then I met my friend for a ‘beer’. Usually we would go to the nearest pub for some IPA but there’s way too many carbs in ale. So we went to the Market Tavern in Shepherd’s Market, which has a decent wine list as well as beers. I had 3 glasses of Malbec and felt very floaty. Bearing in mind my alcohol tolerance is fairly legendary this was a surprise.

Dinner was the rest of the cauliflower / broccoli cheese and some deep fried chicken thighs. Looked pretty rubbish. But v nice and extremely filling. I tried to make the chicken absorb the fat but it didn’t seem to want to…

One side effect of keto that I’ve not read anywhere: my poo floats. TMI you might say. But I’ve had some wine so I don’t care.


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