First full day on Keto

Woke up pretty tired, I’d read that might happen. But the bacon was calling me so I jumped straight into the kitchen! I fried some bacon in a lot of butter, lobbed in some sliced aubergine and made scrambled eggs with butter and lots of double cream. Unbelievably tasty.
On getting to work (I ran the 2km there) I worked out that it had set me back 950 calories! Bloody hell! That’s over twice my normal bread and meat breakfast!
At lunch I had a super greens salad and a little pot of nuts from Marks & Spencer. Drank lots of water all day and had an entire litre of tea. I like tea. A 5km run back from work as I was feeling guilty about breakfast still.
For dinner I had the remainder of the ragu and some lettuce with Stilton on it. It occurred to me while eating that I could have mashed the Stilton up in some cream…
After dinner I felt so full… Until I went to the loo. Which was a big surprise. I had assumed that the lack of fibre from bread, etc would mean that my body would take a while for, erm, regularity to return. Actually quite the opposite.
Weighed myself just now. I’ve lost 5lb, which surely means I’m not drinking enough…

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