First keto cooking (kooking…) experience

I was pretty astounded when I came into the kitchen that I can’t now touch about 80% of what’s in the cupboard.  Literally everything has added sugar and / or other carbs.  Which aren’t allowed.  What I was allowed (while making dinner) was a stick of celery with stilton in the middle.  Nom.

So I decided my first meal would be a simple one: a beef ragu.  This will suffice for tomorrow as well, as Mrs Dicky is away.  Obviously, there’s no way I can use spaghetti, so I used grated courgette instead.  It turns out that one courgette turns into a lot of grated courgette, so I put some in the ragu too.

Ingredients for ragu:
– 400g beef mince (15% fat)
– lots of butter
– 3 onions (found out later they’re not allowed…)
– grated courgette
– grated aubergine (eggplant)
– basil
– beef stock
– red pepper diced small
– salt and pepper
– big bunch of spinach

I won’t go into how this fits together; actually if you just put it all in a pan and stir it it will be OK (I used to work in the uni canteen).  My idea with the grated / diced veg was to replace the tomatoes, which are too sugary.  This actually worked quite well, although there was a lot of unexpected water which came off, so I had to simmer for a while.

The courgette I just fried in butter.  It went a bit limp.

So, the outcome:  very good taste, not massively sure about the appearance.  Possibly worth getting some of the water out of the veg first.

BTW as an idea I toasted some of the aubergine in the toaster to see whether I can use it instead of bread.  Actually worked rather well.

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