Meat and One Veg

I’ve been deep in Ketosis for about five days now, and the weight keeps falling off. Now down to 13 st 9 lbs, which is a full stone off in 10 days. Why isn’t everybody doing this?

I have however become somewhat lazy. Most meals are now ‘meat and one veg’ which while it ticks all the boxes, is frankly boring. Last night I had an amazing steak and fried cabbage. This morning I had some of my creamy scrambled egg and a fried leek. Other variations have been 100% steak burgers plus buttered broccoli and chicken thighs plus beans. The reason I haven’t bothered posting pics is because these aren’t really recipes…

One top tip for the mornings. It’s poo-related I’m afraid. I was getting a little backed up until a few days ago, so I analysed the fibre content of my diet. Lunch and dinner have stayed about the same, but breakfast fibre levels had gone through the floor. And according to various people online, it’s the most important meal of the day to have fibre in. Hence all the processed crap like all bran. So I’ve been taking some fibre supplements at breakfast and all is well again in the botty dept.

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