Officially in Ketosis :-)

My Ketostix arrived today. These are little sticks that you wee on and they change colour depending on whether there are ketones in your wee. If there are, you’re effectively excreting fat every time you go to the loo! Not a huge amount of it, apparently, but it’s still a nice thought. My concentration was between 1.5 and 4.0 mmol/L, whatever that means.

So now that I’m officially in ketosis, I’m on my way to becoming ‘ketoadapted’, such that my body is used to using ketones for energy rather than glucose. Awesome. Hopefully this will mean that my muscles will start working properly again, because although weights seem fine, running is a real struggle at the moment. Even my normal jog to work and back is taking longer. I’m slower and feel sluggish.

My brain, on the other hand, is loving it. I haven’t been so alert and focussed for ages.

Dinner today was mushrooms fried in the oil from the chicken thighs last night, fried courgette and the creamed mackerel that I had for breakfast a couple of days ago. Another keto dinner that takes practically no time at all to make, and the combination of mushroom and mackerel was delicious. I won’t bother with a recipe as it’s obvious from the photo.

No weight loss today, but I did drink a lot of water…

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