Spiralise this!

im not actually in ketosis now, owing to an impending marathon – I found that running more than 5 miles was exhausting so started taking in carbs again and I seem to have maintained the cardio fitness through the period of ketosis, which is a mch better outcome than I had anticipated. But then I do little or no training for marathons and ultras and always get round…

I’ve kept the weight off, still 13st 8oz, despite a few fluctuations. I’ve found that I now have a real taste for low carb, especially at breakfast. It avoids those carb spikes and troughs. 

One gadget I recently bought and love is the spiraliser.  This turns long veg into veg spaghetti, which is much nicer than grated veg. It keeps some of the structure to it and doesn’t look too bad either. I’ve taken to using it in the morning to turn a courgette or carrot into an omelette, but I have a feeling that courgetti and carroti will soon be a staple. One tip is to sauté rather than boil the stuff. Otherwise you end up with a mess. 

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