Start of the Keto Kinetic regime

Hello and welcome to my keto diary.  This is really just an aide memoir for me to record what has worked, and what hasn’t, over the next few weeks while I try out the new regime.

So on 03/01/2015 I stepped on the scales and was horrified by what I saw.  From my (already slightly overweight) 14st 2lbs I had ballooned over Christmas to 14st 9lbs.  That’s 7lb weight gain over 2 weeks.  Impressive.  Also on the same day I was browsing through the pages of The Times when I came across a piece about a celebrity nutritionist who had brought their reporter’s weight down by 9lb over a couple of weeks.  Sounds equally impressive but I have an inbuilt suspicion of diet plans being released within 3 days of a new year…

However the more I read about it, the more it seemed to make sense.  Forcing your body to burn fat, rather than waiting until the carbs / glycogen have run out and then burning it, seems like a sane idea.  So I decided to try it.  I have 14 days until a skiing trip, and I will therefore try to take off all the weight I gained, and more.

The next morning (this morning) I had a vegetable soup that I’d made a couple of nights before.  Just veg (nothing starchy), meat and stock.  Not exactly fatty, but waste not want not.

Armed with a couple of webpages I popped over to Sainsburys and stocked up on:
– 12 eggs
– 2 x 200g bacon
– 400g chicken thighs
– pack of mackerel
– 200ml really thick double cream
– cheddar cheese
– stilton cheese
– beef jerky (note – this was a mistake)
– celery
– 2 x aubergine
– 2 x courgette
– cauliflower
– green beans
– 2 x gem lettuce
– red pepper
– cashew nuts
– macadamia nuts
– pistachio nuts

I had some nuts and the beef jerky during the day, only to find when I got back that the Jerky had 30g of carbs in it.  Oops.  Top tip: the flavoured types are full of sugar…

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