The best cauliflower (and broccoli) cheese ever!

Today has been interesting. As of now, I’m another 2 lb lighter, so I’ve lost all the weight I put on over Christmas, in 3 days! There have been a few… Side effects! First, I am a lot warmer; apparently this is normal and is caused by the extra thermal energy given off through burning fat. Second, I am thirsty all the time; probably drank 4 litres up until now. Lots of visits to the loo…

I went to the gym earlier and there was no noticeable effect on strength which means, hopefully, that I’m losing fat and not muscle. However, cardio is a lot harder: my 5 km run yesterday was hard considering I can run 50. Even the 2 km runs to work and back feel like I’m running through treacle!

Lunch was nice, but I made a lot of mistakes. I went for smoked rainbow trout as I assumed (wrongly) that it was a ‘fatty’ fish. It is not. So lots of protein. I also had a whole bag of spinach and a pot of cashew nuts. Fish was 180 calories; spinach really no point counting; and nuts 400.

I worked late and couldn’t be bothered with anything complicated. So decided on cauliflower / broccoli and cheese. Lots of cheese. And some cream. And bacon. And it was sublime. Just the nicest thing I have eaten in ages. Ingredients for two portions:
– half a big cauliflower
– half a Sainsburys broccoli stem
– 6 rashers of bacon
– 100g Stilton
– 150g cheddar cheese
– big dollop of cream
– one egg
– salt

I chopped the cauliflower into 2 cm pieces, same with the broccoli. Boiled the cauliflower for 6 minutes and then added the broccoli for a further 6 minutes. At the same time, I fried the bacon with lots of butter. Then, I strained the cauliflower / broccoli and left it for a few minutes to let it steam, before putting it back in the pan with some butter. On a low heat, I added the cheese, stirred until melted and then added the cream. It was a bit runny still so an egg went in to thicken, followed by salt to taste.

Just lovely, and 850 calories, most of them from fat. Especially with the bacon fat added.

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